Olympus Pen F lenses - crop factor confusion!

Started Mar 1, 2013 | Discussions thread
Erik Magnuson Forum Pro • Posts: 12,247
Half-frame is 24 x 18mm, NEX 23.5 x 15.6mm

Ray Maines wrote:

OK, I admit it. I couldn't find an Olympus PEN-F, so I'm basing all of this on the OlyPen-E cameras.

The film Pen F is 1/2 frame 35mm or 18x24mm or 30mm diagonal.  Most film enlarger carriers or slide mounts would chop about 1mm off the sides giving a practical 17x23mm or 28.6mm diagonal.

NEX is 23.5 x 15.6mm or 28.2mm diagonal.

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