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Re: Fuji's got one thing right — they guessed well our mindset.

R Butler wrote:

All reviews are subjective, by their very nature. Our reviewing method tries to be as objective as possible, but as soon as we draw a conclusion, it's impossible not to be subjective. And, specifically, the award (or lack of one) at the end of the review is intended as the reviewer's opinion. In the meantime, we try to set out the objective facts on which we based our conclusion, to allow you to draw your own.

And that's not a flaw, because buying, owning and using a camera is also an emotional experience (how else would you explain the owners of one brand feeling slighted because a different camera scored better than theirs?).

Your statement that Fuji doesn't have bodies that work well with the lenses is a nonsense.

The review is flawed to an extent in which we try to push the supersized emotional value forward, despite the prematurity of the products in all other areas. It's like recognising a potential, and giving it more credit than it is deserved.

So on your final scoreboard, you indeed tick all things:

  • Measure output
  • Assess usability
  • Evaluate 'how it feels' dimension etc.

And scores are there. But in case of emotionally involving cameras, such as the X series or the original Olympus Pen, you *believe* it deserves more. And you *want it to be*. Then you award it accordingly. The final mark then contradicts same, very similar or even better measured values of other cameras, but with — for you — strange, or personally less involving experience. Maybe not recognising its potential fully, albeit camera deserves it. Etc.

Re note re Fuji cameras, I wanted to say that Fuji's lenses are far better designed and crafted than any of their cameras. Or, Fuji's cameras have a long way to prove themselves, yet their lenses are already there, they are very valuable. Perhaps a more diligent and more "caring about details" company would make wonderful, much better bodies to suit and uplift potential of those lenses.

I worded it too quickly, so I regret if there was a misunderstanding.

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