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Re: OK - It's Aperture.

Majikthize wrote:

As an event pro, I generate tens of thousands of photos per year, and I do 99.9% of my work in Aperture, from downloading to organizing, selecting, ranking, adjusting, retouching, captioning & keywording RAW files all the way through to uploading finished JPEGs to my website for download by my clients. One program does all I need - no switching from Photo Mechanic to Nikon View to Photoshop and back - and it's only $80.

Definitely a steeper learning curve than iPhoto, but it's leagues more capable.

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plus one on this....get one good program that does it all....personally i would recommend Aperture, but LR is a good alternative.

If you can't import , store, adjust and deliver efficiently and quickly with either of these apps you will get incredibly lost in using a whole range of non connected apps

Ignore most of the books that advocate multiple applications... they are written by people who haven't kept up with the times


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if you really must see my photos then try

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