Who's "photo" is it?

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Re: Who's "photo" is it?

RedFox88 wrote:

Dude, you're not thinking out of the box. Files get on your computer from browsing for the purpose of viewing web pages. This is not a reason for these files to stay on your system forever and for you to have a "copy" of every photo you view on websites. Once you are done viewing the web pages the need for them to display said pages is removed as well should those same files.

No, it's you who's not thinking out of a very tiny box. I don't mean to offend, I know the issue of the lifetime of data is highly confusing to people without an education in the IT field, but trust me: changing the law in the manner you describe would basically break the entire Internet. Really. It'd make it practically impossible to write any sort of web client, unless... well, you added a small piece of code checking the IP of the server you're trying to connect to, and drop the connection if it were located in a country with such a law. In other words, unplugged any offending country off the Internet.

This from the selfish generation... me, me, me.

Funny you say that.

Just how is Joe Photographer supposed to write web browsers, web coding to prevent what computers come with: a "print screen" button which should be removed, drag and drop, and temporary internet files which stay until they are told to be deleted which is not the way to go about things.

Now you're entering the realm of stupidity and paranoia. Do learn some actual history of computing, learn why those technologies were first created, learn what kinds of uses they're put to besides "copyright infringement" every day, and if you still think they should be eliminated, please get yourself off the Internet.

The whole idea of temporary internet files was to speed up web browsing... back in the dial up days. Well with high speed internet the need is not there anymore to keep 100 kb photos in case you revisit the same web page. You are really taking the view of the common web surfer instead of the copyright holder. Step back and think about it.

No, I'm taking the view of a professional software engineer. It's impossible, it's basically the computer equivalent of "don't think of a copyrighted tune without paying us first", and basically renders the concept of a computer network a legal minefield of epic proportions.

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