Do NEX cameras have an AA filter?

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Re: Do NEX cameras have an AA filter?

kewlguy wrote:

Oly's famous jpg has aggresive sharpening, mainly to make the edges stronger. As for NEX cameras, they all have AA filter but very weak ones. Some Canons also have weak AA filter, namely 5D2 and 650D/T4i. I had two 60Ds and it's noticeable that the T4i is sharper with any lenses I have. Nikon, OTOH, tends to put strong AA filter in their cameras such as D7000, D3 (despite being only 12MP FF and it does need AA filter, it's still too strong IMO). The new D600, however, is a relief.

Didn't know about 650D! How about the new 6D and the 5D3? Is there any published info somewhere where we can compare cameras based on their AA filter?

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