Windows 8 - UGH! What were they thinking?

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Re: Windows 8 - UGH! What were they thinking?

Birk Binnard wrote:

The only significant benefit I can see with Win8 is it's very quick boot and shutdown time. My laptop has an SSD for its boot device and it does a cold boot in about 8 seconds. I read that Win8 accomplishes this by simply dumping part of itself to the Hybernation file and then simply loading it back, instead of re-initializing everything.

I heard that Microsoft was going to do this: have shutdown not actually shut down the system but more of a sleep mode which is ok for the average user but not someone who knows what they are doing.  Not fully shutting things down and rebooting the system will only lead to quirks, file fragmentation, and file corruption.   Plus I don't use a swap file since computers come with so much RAM these days it's not even funny - no need to use the hard drive anymore for a swap file.  It was needed when there was  4 MB of RAM but not when there's 16 GB of ram!

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