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Both Bush and Obama were likely joking....

Chato wrote:

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I'm watching Obama's press conference right now and I'm actually embarrassed for him. He couldn't articulate his way out of a paper bag.

He struggles with every question because he's just lost.

Here's the speech:

Obama Speech

The "I am not a Dictator" comment reminded me a bit of the "I am not a Crook" comment of 40 years ago. We know how that worked out....

Said to say, but our President (sic, "Blamer in-Chief") often is blaming when he should be leading.

When Clinton had a Republican Congress to deal with, he was able to work with them by, in some cases, "moving to the middle".

Obama's ideology seems to be preventing him from doing the same.


My goodness, so Mr. Bush's remarks that a dictatorship would be good, "as long as I'm the Dictator," shouldn't be compared to Obama's remarks?



You're right; they should be compared.

Both Obama and Bush were joking.

Bush, when he said he should be the Dictator, and Obama when he said he wasn't a Dictator.


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