At base ISO, D4 or D800? (not interested in MP)

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Re: D800 has a stop more DR at base ISO

I have both cameras.

The D4 is a better camera, as in the mechanism.  If I am grabbing a camera for general use and don't know what I might be called on to do, I grab the D4.  Faster in all regards, solid, more features, better viewfinder display, more ergonomic, much better battery.

The D800, however takes better images except at high ISO.  If your image has good exposure and is well framed it is hard to tell the difference (d4 and D800), but the D800 is more forgiving -- you have more latitude to fix exposure and the pixels provide more opportunity to fix composition.

One often neglected aspect of the D800 - the pop up flash.  It's very handy when you didn't expect to need a flash, but suddenly do.  It's also handy as an off-camera CLS controller, basically giving you an extra speedlight in some cases.

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