A list of good/bad MFT lens for new owner?

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Re: The very worst M4/3 lens: the Panasonic f4 300mm prime.

gary payne wrote:

Because it doesn't exist. Therefore, M4/3 cannot be considered a great wildlife format. A pity since the format is so compact and lightweight, perfect for transport into the bushes.


150 f2.8 coming up the horizon?
My ideas on what MFT needs next:

- redesigned 7-14 (that supports filters / detachable hood)
  - wide angle (non-fisheye) prime: better than current 12 f2
  - more faster (f1.4) primes at 17mm
  - a Panny OIS version of the O 60 f2.8 macro
  - 100-300 f4
  - more faster telephoto primes
  - cheaper constant aperture zooms (or maybe faster vari-aperture ones)

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