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viking79 wrote:

The K-01 is in fact a fairly thick camera, 20mm thicker than the Fuji, that does make it a bit chunky.


(some cameras with kit zoom lenses)

They state that the K-01 has excellent image quality.

I don't think I disagree with their assessment of either camera. The K-01 could appeal to some, mostly K mount users, but if the AF is anything like what it was in Live View on the K-5 I would say it was very slow too.

The Fuji has slow AF with some lenses, but still relatively fast to the K-5 in Live View. If the K-01 is faster than the K-5 in live view it might change my opinion a bit. I think the K-01 is still more of a niche camera best suited towards K mount users in function (but originally marketed towards non K mount users).

This is the reason I don't like rating systems (like giving a camera a percent number), as it might be 70% to some, 90% to others, 10% for even others.

Eric, I have both X-E1 and K-01 cameras and I pretty much agree with your assessment as to how they compare. Regardless of how the measured size numbers come out, the X-E1 seems lighter and easier for me to hold, and I prefer its ergonomics. That said, I like the K-01 for its ability to use focus peaking with my old Pentax primes.  Its simple external interface and non-threatening appearance make it a better choice for my wife. Both cameras have a place in my stable, along with my K-5 IIs.  Horses for courses...

The bashing of the Fuji X-Trans RAW conversion is yesterday's news - the supplied Silkypix RAW Converter EX, Capture1 v7.1, and Lightroom v4.4 all do an excellent job of converting RAF files from the E-X1. And the OOC JPEG files from the X-E1 are better than any I've ever seen out of any other APS-C camera, so RAW is (for me) something to use only in adverse light/exposure situations where significant file manipulation might be needed.

I do feel that DPR was too harsh in their review of the K-01, but as others have said here, it seems to have offended the sensibilities of most professional reviewers, who just couldn't deal with its concept.

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