Justification for choosing a superzoom.

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Re: Justification for choosing a superzoom.

Bill Rees wrote:

cashewNut wrote:

Thanks for the info. I don't pixel peep. I just take pictures for memories. Nobody looks at our pictures to evaluate the quality of images. They just love to see the places we visited. As long as the Eiffel tower does not look like the leaning tower of Pisa then they are happy with my photographic skills. Keep clicking that camera.

Unfortunately, you picked the wrong website to ask this question, DPR is all about pixel peeping and measurbating. I've used the 18-200mm VR Nikon lens for years with great results. The largest prints I make are at 13x19 and look great at reasonable viewing distances. They also, look great on a monitor or iPad.

There's also pixel level sharpness and overall image sharpness. No normal, non-obsessive photog will be viewing your images at actual pixel size. A big percentage of a good photo is what / who you are shooting and composition.

I also will pixel peep and love sharp primes on my D700. It's just not the be all and end all of photography.

Totally agree.  I also pixel peep, but as long as the overall image looks good, who cares if the pixels arent perfect.

It would be like pressing your nose against a nice painting and complaining that the brush strokes look horrible.

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