Where is the successor of the HX20v ?

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Re: Where is the successor of the HX20v ? WX300 has no 1080p60

notime wrote:

In many situations the 60i vs 60p difference may be hard to discern.

I was at a hockey game tonight and brought the HX5V just to try the 1080i video.  It looked great when reviewed later.  Now I didn't have a 1080p to compare it to, but it looked just like what my eyes saw.  And the action is considerably faster than singers raising their hands while performing.

The stills on the website you referenced showed (interlacing) problems that I just don't think most people would perceive when watching @30 fps, at least not from Sony's implementation on this camera.  I've learned not to pixel peep the excellent stills from Sony P&S cameras with the Exmor sensor.  From tonight's experiment worrying about i vs p seems like the video equivalent.  It's a distinction without a difference.

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