Does anyone here have the RX100 to go with your NEX?

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Re: Finger straps are great

Kalabalik wrote:

Mike Fewster wrote:

I don't have an RX100 but I have the Gariz finger strap that can also be used as a wrist strap. Much better than wrist strap or neck strap with the Nex IMHO. The weight is absolutely no problem to carry above the knuckle. The camera doesn't "dangle' like it does with a wrist strap, it sits close to the palm of your hand. When you raise your hand the camera just falls into place, ready to shoot with your finger in exactly the right position over the release button. Very fast, easy and secure way to carry a Nex.

I didn't know about the finger loops you asked about, but having followed your links, I think either would be good.

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Mike Fewster
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That strap sounds awesome. Link please?

Here is the one I have

While it is versatile to be able to use it as either a wrist strap or finger loop, it does leave a bit of strap that has to be coiled into your hand when you use it as a fingerloop. If you look at the diagrams at the link I gave you will see why this happens. It's not much of a problem, but having tried a fingerloop I'd never use a wrist strap or neckstrap again with these cameras so its a bit of a waste. I think the models referred to in the links from the OP (these weren't on the market when I got mine) might actually be better. The shape of the Nex cameras also makes then perfect to carry like this. Your finger tips just curl slightly around the battery bulge when you are walking with your hands free. You simply raise your hand and tighten your fingers and you are in shooting position. You can do it one handed.

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Mike Fewster
Adelaide Australia

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