Acrylic Face Mounting of Photo's

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Re: Acrylic Face Mounting of Photo's

Hi Brian,

See my notes below. I run a business called and this is what we do. This is not an advertisement but I thought my experience might be helpful to put my comments in context. Best of luck with your project, and I hope my comments are helpful



tach32000 wrote:

Hi All,

I have recently purchased a Canon 6300, and so far couldn't be happier. I have been printing mainly on LexJet's Metalilc and have had great luck with sales.

Although, by my own assessment the LexJet Metallic is NOT a replacement for Endura, I find unless people are making direct comparisons, its very hard for them to realize the difference.

## Agree totally, love the lexjet product, if you are looking for a similar (and a big cheaper) option look at red river paper and try the Polar Pearl... use the lexjet profile if you are using the big epsons... downside is 24" is the max width so nothing for the big printers but still a really nice paper at a good price

To me, Endura is simple more "wet". On the flip side, this is actually more problematic when viewing indoors under normal conditions given the high reflectivity of the print.

Onto my real question...(sorry to be so verbose)

I have been very unhappy with options for framing my prints. To do it in a true quality way results in extremely high framing costs and this extra costs is enough I think it would impact sales.

So in addition to selling just the prints I currently offer at cost, inexpensive frames to go along with the prints but feel it cheapens the final product.

I have been seriously looking at buying the laminator so I can face mount prints to 1/8 acrylic. It would still create about the same pass along costs as the cheap frames but would protect the photo much better, and allow them to hang frameless if they choose.

## Do not underestimate the contamination factor here.. we run just short of a clean room to manage this. I mean special clothes, compulsive cleaning, cutting in seperate rooms, etc... it is really hard to get super clean result. I am not trying to scare you out of it but rather set your expectation that you need a controlled area to avoid a lot of rework. If I were starting from scratch I would

1) Have a smallish room with controlled air and filters on each side (no pets, no food, no carpet)

2) I would have a solid floor that was sealed

3) I would cut in a different room... more about that in a minute

4) I would practice, practice, practice before I did anything big

5) Buy the good laminate... there are cheap solutions out there ... they are NOT WORTH IT. On the laminating process go slow, manage the static, you can never clean too much... Swiffer is your friend

On the metallic paper you have to watch the dust that is generated when you cut the prints... it will drive you crazy if you dont keep it under control. I could go on for days...

On the good side, the results when done right are stunning. And the acrylic + metallic is just short of magic. Do you have a way to cut sheets or will you be buying blanks?

Best of luck with your project. Regards Brian

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