New SSD....Is it new??

Started Mar 2, 2013 | Discussions thread
Richard Veteran Member • Posts: 4,858
Re: New SSD....Is it new??

FotoFetish wrote:

Hello, last week I bought a Samsung 830 256Gb described as new & unused off eekbay. Sure enough it arrived not in a retail box but sealed in an antistat bag, Model # MZ - 7PC256D. The casing is plastic unlike the metal casing on another new 830 I bought that came in a retail box.

Now I'm assuming that the plastic case most likely means that it is a pulled oem drive. Is there any way to tell if it has been used? Thanks in advance.

I would assume it is good. My MSSD was a chip and it was not sealed. Some manufacturers make tools to see how many times the drive has been written to, Intel comes to mind. I personally would not worry.

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