cleaning of Epson 3880 maintenance tank

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Re: cleaning of Epson 3880 maintenance tank

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I agree about cleanings but nozzle check use a miniscule amount of ink and since that tiny amount goes directly onto the paper there is zero waste generated.

I print about once a week on my 3800 and if not I will run a nozzle check and turn it back off till the next job.

But if you print a lot as you do, then what you are doing if perfect!

Right, but additional fact is that if you leave it a longer time idle, it (the 3880) decides on its own to do a devastating power cleaning cycle, I have found no way to prevent this, it did it with mine just a few days ago after about a month without printing.

If doing a regular nozzle check (let's say once a week or two) will this prevent that power clean ?

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My 3800 never does that! If I leave it unused for weeks it might clog but it does not run any cleaning cycles. Neither one of two 3800 will do that. Must be a function of the newer 3880 firm ware but I am not aware of unrequested power or regular cleaning cycles running upon powering up after being off for a while. But you are correct in simply printing which is the best preventative for clogging and having to clean nozzles.

My biggest pet peeve from higher end printer owners is their not using their printers as they are indented, and then complaining about clogging. I manage to keep 15 printers going without hardly a clog ever. Just the weekly nozzle check seems to be plenty.

Except maybe the 4900 which is a LEMON no matter what you do!


My problem with that is--who decides what a high-end printer is intended to do? The manufacturers publish no data on minimum or maximum amount of printing required to eliminate clogs. In fact the Epson website says they have "virtually eliminated head clogs" on their high-end printers. Indeed, some users print at high volume. But they still get clogs (read the LuLa forum).

There is nothing in the large format printer marketing or documentation that states that if a fine art photographer/printer only prints weekly, that he/she isn't using a printer "as intended." In fact my pet peeve is that users continue to enable Epson's clogging issues by constantly telling those who paid big bucks for a new printer that clogs are their fault, not Epsons. They just don't use them enough. It's like blackmail if Epson were to imply that if you don't use enough of their expensive ink, don't expect the expensive printer to work.

I hope Epson doesn't start making dump trucks that need engine replacement if they aren't driven everyday!

(end of rant)


Well, the reality is that THEY DO decide that. Unfortunately until the perfect, never clogging, cheap ink using printer is produced, we only have two choices at this time. Canon does seem to be much less prone to clogging and my 9000 and 9500 MKIIs can basiccally sit on or off and never seem to clog.

But due to the almost monopolies imposed to us by the two main ink printing companies ( Forget HP ) we have no choice. I either live with it or send out from all my printing.

I will continue to run my weekly nozzle checks, run basic maintenace measures and use top qulity 3rd party inks and continue to enjoy clog free operation.

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