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I use it for editing extensively. My wife and I travel 4 or more months each year and switched from an Air to iPads years ago.

Cameras are Fuji xe1 and X100, both generate excellent jpegs. Software is Photogene Pro for edits.  No issues with space, my latest latest iPad is 32 gig, down from a 64 gig model.  There's always a person with a computer around and I can offload to sd cards via Windows Explorer or Image Capture.  The screen on the regular iPad did not take an adjustment from a 24" display. I can't edit in the mini's screen, too small for me and the resolution of the retina iPads puts it to shame. Upload to iCloud Journals for sharing via iPhoto (its only use).

Typical vacation is 9 to 10 gig of keepers for me and an ungodly amount of gig with my wife doing video. She has a 64 gig iPad mini. I like to shoot at night so I shoot r+j. Probably take a dozen or so night shots thru Lightroom once we get home.

One caveat is it takes a bit of caution to not overdue edits. While they print fine, they can appear fine on the iPad display but too sharpened on a regular computer display. Another caveat is you need a camera that can output good jpegs. Prior to Fuji I shot with Nikon and NEX. I considered them both raw only cameras and the iPad is not a raw friendly device.

Its certainly not for everyone but anyone who suggests it cannot do quality work should open up their minds a bit. I occasionally travel with a somewhat retired very high end pro who makes more in a day's shoot than most successful pro's make in 6 months.  He also travels and edits with an iPad. While I'm used to him bitching about the screen size, he's never questioned the results he can get. Probably the only editing he ever does as his jobs are the type you hand over your memory cards, collect a check and walk away.

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