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Re: DPR review review

I bought a K-01 and the 40mm when the price dropped to $316, just because the sensor was rated so highly. I own Nikon and Oly equipment, and lots of it. Never have owned Pentax until that purchase. It is a butt-ugly little camera.

All I can say after working with this camera a little, is that anyone dissing the K-01 doesn't know what they are talking about.

Not only is the sensor sweet, the feature set is very robust. I'm in the market for a few legacy Pentax lenses, now, and am considering both the K-5 II and the K-30 for assignments.

Too bad Pentax threw in the towel. I think I might buy another and keep it boxed as a hand-me-down investment for my son. This camera is destined to be a classic.

DP review has lost a good deal of credibility in my book.

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