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Re: Me too.. well not really!

Guidenet wrote:

Enthusiast Photographer wrote:

Guidenet wrote:

Enthusiast Photographer wrote:

It amazes me the time and energy people put into telling other people what they want or need.

The desire to be RIGHT runs strong on the internet...

So, you're telling us you're right? You're on an internet forum where there are discussions and interactions? So, what's your point and more importantly why? There's always someone at the end of a heated discussion who comes into it with this cliche'd attitude about being amazed at the discussion as if they were above such nonsense. LOL

It amazes me.. well, I guess it sorta doesn't. It's just the sorta pot and black kettle thing.

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No. Notice I didn't post anything stating what I thought was "right"?

Anyone who'd say that a D7100 is a good replacement for my D300s would be wrong - for me.

There's nothing wrong with the D7100. I think it is a terrific camera. The fact it isn't a design for me isn't a problem, but I think it is silly that so many people want to debate it and be RIGHT.

There is no right. Just opinions. Yours are fine for you just like mine are fine for me.

The point I was making was how people come in at the end of a long heated discussion claiming they are "amazed" at the silly people for having such a discussion. Check the long discussions or this type on a forum and see if you see it happening. It's a bit arrogant and very cliche'd. That's all.

You did it on this one. It's pretty common. Just making an observation of the observer, in this case.

I don't see it as discussion.  It is a bunch of e-bullies trying to win an argument that is impossible to win.  I don't constantly monitor the internet for opportunities for debate.  A guy with over 10,000 posts who seems to be the most active one in a thread started to be snarky to begin with calling me arrogant?  That is just plain funny.

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