Gizmodo looks at the A58...with sample pics!

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Re: Gizmodo looks at the A58...with sample pics!

Is the plastic mount that big of a deal?  I have used plastic and metal lens mounts and never had an issue with either.  Never impacted my photos either...

Draek wrote:

Damn! looks as good as it was promised to be. If only Sony had stuck a metal lens mount in there, I could give them my credit card without reservation, but...

The rest of the stuff? meh. I feel the same way about its "downgraded" LCD as A57 owners feel about the upgraded EVF: who cares, so long as I can still frame the shot. Burst rate? never cared, never will. But that ´╗┐mount´╗┐... still better than the Canon's, and I don't think I've heard a problem from them so far, but paranoia is a horrible thing.

Still, that sensor...

Any possibilities of another A390, this time fixing the lens mount instead of the grip? hope so, though if the sensor performs as well as previews say it does, I may end up getting the "plastic fantastic" none the less.

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