Good color laser printer for photos?

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Re: Good color laser printer for photos?

MikeFromMesa wrote:

I have been thinking about replacing both our black-and-white laser printer (actually an mfc) and our ink color printer (which we use for photos) with a color laser printer, but have no idea if there are any decent color laser printers that do a good job printing photos.

I know they must exist - the photos from professional shops that user laser printers are just fine, but all of the color laser printers I have seen for home use have low enough resolution that the prints on glossy paper just do not look very good. Does anyone know of a decent color laser printer that will do a good job with photos and a decent job with black-and-white documents?


If you plan on using the images professionally, it's not such a good idea however with a laser printer like the Samsung CLP-620ND the prints do rival some ink-jet printers. I have a Brother MFC- 440CN inkjet which outputs at 1200 x 6000 dpi and delivers decent detail however it's images are not vivid. They all look like they have a smoky tint. The Samsung on the other hand claims to output at 9600 x 600 dpi & destroys the brother. It's images are vivid however it does have some banding. This banding however is not like the banding I have seen with other laser printers. The images are actually solid. it looks more like the image was printed twice and in some areas the second layer did not cover as good. It's really the kind of thing only a perfectionist would notice and if I laminated the image the banding would disappear & the prints could pass for photo quality. Just to give you a little more insight as to what the output is like, I had an old  Epson Stylus Color 500 ink-jet that I purchased back in 1997. it had 720 x720 dpi resolution which was good at that time but you could see dithering however if you laminated the images and made small prints  some could pass for photo quality. With the Samsung there is no dithering. tone transitions are usually smooth and very inkjet like. there really is no comparing the two, the Samsung laser again destroys that inkjet. So to answer your question, some lasers do perform significantly better than some ink jets at reproducing photos. They still are not at the same level of some of the newer Epson & canon Pixma printers but they are starting to catch up and at this point I would go ahead and recommend you pick one up.

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