Olympus E-7 follow up, time to market and other choices

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Re: Around and Around and Around.

Man oh man . . .

The title (Around and Around and Around) was all too true,

I just don’t get this forum.

Olympus is gonna come out with something that they believe works – and works well - with the “legacy” 4/3rds lenses.  This year. They have a lot on the line with their offering (needless to say).  So you can just about put it in the bank that the sensor – and thus the DR/ISO performance - will be a good cut above the existing E’s.

And what do I hear, damn near nonstop?

The collective “Olympolypse Now” soundtrack winding up for the millionth time.

Now, if Olympolypse Now is all that’s left that gets you up in the morning, so be it.

But why beat everyone else to death with it?

I photograph – and will continue to photograph – because at the beginning and end of the day, I really enjoy it.

That word. Enjoy.  As in a state of happiness.

So for me, heading out with my E-30 or E-1 and a few lenses in tow is by definition quality time of the first order.

But no matter the gear.  I’ve just had a hell of a lot of fun the last month or so with my iPhone and a little app called 645Pro, which takes tiff files in addition to jpegs.  Been running the tiffs through Lightroom to the point where I’ve got a pretty good rendition of the output of my trusty E-1.  Its been a gas.  Why?  Because it is another avenue – and quite interesting and educational in its own way – to creating images.  And it got a monkey off my back which had been bugging me for awhile, that I couldn’t - for all my years of shooting pics - make a phonecam work to take pictures for doodly squat.

Remember that word.  Enjoy.

And to use that timeworn phrase, “the reward is the journey, and not the destination.”

Who knows?  You might even get to the point where you really like to use your gear again, new body arising in the Oly Promised Land or not.


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