Cheaper Prices on DPMs - What does it mean?

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Roland Karlsson wrote:

Laurence Matson wrote:

panpen wrote:

$1k for such limited camera was too much. Not interested in DP1 but DP3 sounds nice. I will wait for the right price on that one too

If there is one consistent complaint on this forum and almost every other at dpreview, it is that the price is too high. When it goes lower, it is still too high. Free is just about right.

No wonder the entire industry is close to tanking.

I dont think you make the poster justice here.

$1K is quite a high priced compact camera.

Now, The DPM cameras are special cameras and the $1K price might be motivated. But, it is quite natural to question such a price.

If it had been $500 or even $400, I dont think many would have objected to the price.

Its like the $2K for the SD1. Its a bit hefty for such a camera. I dont think its unreasonable, considering what it contains. But ... I would not be surprised if the price was questioned.


As I am sure that you know, the major and most consistent cost factor in any digital camera is the size of the silicon. Any device that diverges from that must have a reason.

Let's just say that the launch street price was $1K, which is always excluding VAT.

Divergent factors could be exclusivity, perceived quality, exchange rate between fab and manufacturer as well as between the manufacturer and the price-determining market, which is the USA in this case for the sake of argument. I also imagine there are many other hidden costs or cost-saving points.

Which, if any of these or others apply that could drive down or drive up the price from that base in your opinion?

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