Tamron AF SP 300/2.8 LD (IF) + Tamron-F 2X TC.

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Re: Tamron AF SP 300/2.8 LD (IF) + Tamron-F 2X TC.

brandrx wrote:

Dale108 wrote:

Yes Ron my Tsmmy 300 f2.8 id the AF version; I will look into getting either the Tmron 2X or the Kenko. Thanks

Hi Dale,

I just found out something strange. I own Sigma 1.4X APO EX and APO EX DG. I also own Sigma 2X APO EX and APO EX DG. Up until just a few minutes ago I have yet to be able to mount these Sigma teleconverters on anything but Sigma lenses even if the front element of the Sigma TC does not hit the rear element of the lens. It is the same for the Tamron AF 300/2.8 LD (IF) except for one of the teleconverters. Just a few minutes ago I figured out that if I mount the Sigma 2X APO EX DG to the camera, then mount the lens to the teleconverter it does not lock into place until I turn the focus ring of the Tamron 300/2.8 lens. Once it locks into place it works great. This only works for the Sigma 2X APO EX DG and none of the other Sigma teleconverters that I have. It might be that my Sigma 2X APO EX DG is a one of a kind and it might not work for you.

Hi again Dale,

I just did a quick test with the K-5 + Tamron AF 300/2.8 LD (IF) + Sigma 2X APO EX DG and to me the images seem to be better than with the Tamron 2X or the Kenko 2X. It appears to me that even with the lens wide open the images are pretty danged good. Of course stopped down one or more stops produces much better images though. I won't have a final conclusion until I can check this combo against some birds though. Hopefully I can have some bird subjects to shoot at soon.

As it stands right now, since I have it locked into place, I am thinking about just leaving this Sigma 2X APO EX DG attached to the Tamron 300/2.8 since I don't use this Sigma 2X for anything else right now. One thing for sure is that it is easier for me to handhold than my Sigma 500/4.5 and if it produces some good bird images I just might start to use it more often. I will still use my Sigma 500/4.5 on the tripod though.



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