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abluesky wrote:

I'll keep it simple: if an opinion on usability is not based on ACTUAL EXPERIENCE than it is an assumption.

How many mirrorless cameras must I try to know that I simply will no longer purchase one without an eye level finder that offers through the lens focus and framing (meaning EVF or Fujifilm OVF/EVF hybrid)? Even if I was tempted, lacking a tilt LCD would erase any temptation.

I've used cameras without finders and without tilt LCDs and found them not to fit in well for my use.

My opinion is, you see, based on actual experience. That the experience has been gained by using other cameras is utterly irrelevant.

Sizing up the K-01, for me, is easy, and for a great many others will be similarly easy. Nothing about the K-01 lends itself to overcoming this particular limitation.

I'm not talking simply about IQ or imaging quality. The criticism is so widespread about the camera that IQ is the only thing that isn't universally panned.

Sure, and much of the criticism is about absolute size, size relative to the K-5 and other Pentax APS-C DSLRs, lack of finder built in or available. These are all legitimate criticisms based on observation, not assumptions.

Therefore, the bulk of the criticism is based on assumptions. Which, incidentally, reflects the way humans act in most cases - based on assumptions and without actual experience.

I'm not disagreeing with you that many have criticized the camera's handling without ever having handled one.

But there are other aspects of the camera which can be sized up from afar. People don't buy viewfinder-less NEX's, but Sony has an alternative for them. People who otherwise like the built in finder of the Fujifilm but miss a tilt LCD must look elsewhere. From a glance at a spec sheet we can see where the K-01 fits in, whether it truly is a compact mirrorless or not.

My guess is the camera looked too ungainly to most and that's why it didn't sell even to those who otherwise would not miss an EVF or OVF or tilt LCD but have K mount lenses.

Is that fair? Who cares, fairness doesn't matter.

Another guess: there are probably more K mount lenses hosted on NEX cameras than on K-01.

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