MX-1 DxOMark Test Up

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Re: MX-1 - Just Buy It

Well, this thread started well, and then turned into a Sony/Fujifilm type thread.

Look, the MX-1 is a GREAT camera - had mine a few weeks now, best compact I've had.

It's not an RX100 - I'm thankful, as the sensor on that, although great, is restricted by a very compromised lens - FOR MY USES

It's not an X-10/20 - but I've a 1955 Kiev if I want sheer weight (although the Kiev has a MUCH better OVF than an X-10, if it matters ...but not to me ) - FOR MY USES

Bottom line - some of you would do well to just buy an MX-1 & use it really is exceptional ...

Good luck !


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