Which bag for Leica one Leica M and one lens only? Please share experiences

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Re: Which bag for Leica one Leica M and one lens only? Please share experiences

JIMBO3031NIKON wrote:

Thanks everyone for your input. I am seriously considering the Hadley Digital and the two Domkes, the prices however are very different. How bulky are the mid Domke and the Hadey?

No one seems to have used or considered the national grographic bags.

Only one of my friends has used the National Geo bags, and when I saw it, it impressed me as a clumsy design. Never used one myself.

Prices in the USA for the Billinghams are ferociously higher than the Domkes. However, the UK prices for the Billingham is lower and the Domke's are more expensive in that market.

For instance, B&H Photo in NY shows this:

Billingham Hadley Digital $219.95

Domke F5XA $59.95

Domke F5XB $77.95

Robert White UK shows this for the Billingham:

Billingham Hadley Digital £80/£96 (special price) ($120/$144)

And DomkeBags.co.uk shows:

Domke F5XA --/£65 ($97)

Domke F5XB --/£87 ($128)

If you're in the UK, I'd buy the Billingham at that price over the F5XB without question. I'd even buy it in the USA and have them ship it, as the ex-VAT price plus shipping is less than the B&H price plus shipping, about $175 complete, although that's a fair bit more dear than the Domkes.

Size-wise, the Domke F5XA is pretty small... the F5XB hangs better for me, as does the Hadley Digital. I prefer my shoulder bag be a little more roomy than absolutely necessary too, so the HD and F5XB bags are both appealing to me on that basis.

(Another somewhat pricey bag that I like is the A&A ACAM 1100:


I have the GCAM version of this in soft black leather, but I bought it second hand for a little over a hundred dollars rather than spend $250 for it.)

"If I didn't have so darn much equipment, I wouldn't have so many bags..."

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