How good is the D800 ?

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Re: How good is the D800 ?

Robin Casady wrote:

clouseau2 wrote:

That was a wrong response im afraid , Im tempted thats for sure .

But when thats said , im also a little worried of all the , call it what you will , bad publicity or whatever . Im usually not the one to worry about that stuff , but his has bin going on for a year now , so yes i need to hear the believers , the amased , instead of all the "whining" a lot of people have the plesure of the D800/E and i need to hear from them . I need to know what is like in real life.And a big thank you to those who allready gave me an honest opinion .

Mvh Clouseau

Other than your usual chances of getting a lemon with any model, the main issue with the D800 has been the left AF alignment/calibration. If you had purchased early in the release you would have had a 70-80% chance of getting one without the problem.

I believe that the factory has sorted the AF problem out and new ones don't have it. So, your risk is down to getting an older copy that was returned by a customer or just hadn't moved through distribution yet. If you got one of those just return it to the dealer and demand a replacement. At this time I think the risk is rather low.

Yeah thats what i gather too , its about time to pull the trigger on this one !!!!!!!!!!!!

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