D5100 "This memory card cannot be used"

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Re: May work

M J B wrote:

Gave it a go. Seemed to work.

Full format (not quick), FAT32, renamed the card

When put back in the D5100, this brought up "card not formatted, format card" and "FOR" in the view finder. Went to menu, format card, said was successful. Went, shot the computer screen a few times. The first 4 photos went fine. I then held down for a continuous shot and the "This memory card may not be used" returned. After powering off and back on, I tried another image and even after a single photo, the message was back.

So...perhaps a card failure-type issue after all? At least when trying to send data as fast as the D5100 is? (The thing is still immediately recognized on the PC and I could take the 4 shots of the screen off of it without issue.)

That does indeed seem to be a card failure. The throughput of the camera is way more demanding than the PC

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