OM-D, Lens for Architectural Interiors

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Re: OM-D, Lens for Architectural Interiors

Thanks for all the good info.  At present, I am using the standard 4/3 Olympus 9-18 on a Leica Digilux 3, with very good results.  I am amazed that the lens at its price-point is as good as it is.  And I have the Leica 14 -50 which is only good in a very large rooms, but I like the 14 (28) look as it appears unforced and natural.  I have just completed a book for a landscape architect with this camera using the 9-18 for a portion of the photographs.

For interiors, after leveling the camera the 9-18 has very little distortion and only need minor correction and a bit of horizontal squashing.

But as time has gone on, I was thinking of getting a FF cam - a used aA850.  Then I read a review on the OM-D.  And another review.  Then I did a search here with marginal results (probably my search terms).  Then I wrote this post.

The Digilux has served and still serves me well, but I felt it time to upgrade the technology.  So, after reading the reviews on the OM-D, I was interested if others here are using it as a work camera, specifically in architecture and interiors.

I also heard of a Tokina that is really distortion free but dont' know if it's for m4/3.

richarddd wrote:  Bracketing goes to 5 at 1EV steps or 7 at 0.7EV steps.

I'm assuming that is the OM-D you're talking about and not the Panny, yes?

idiotekniQues - thanks for your comparison.  Good shots.

Aleo Veuliah - I like the idea of the 12mm.  I'm going to look into it.

So what I'm getting from other reviews and here is that the OM-D would make a good work camera and there are enough choices in wides to work with it.

I wonder when Metabones will get around to making a Speedbooster for the m4/3?

Thanks again to all who took the time to offer their information.

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