The power of the powershot

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Re: The power of the powershot

MattJCarter wrote:

peter42y wrote:

I decided to take some more shots comparing the 2 cameras.

Auto white balance.

Auto Aperture.

Auto ISO in both cameras.

The pictures were shot seconds apart.

Same lighting conditions.

I did upload them to the powershot V1 album

this is a much better comparison, thanks.

I still stand by my previous comments however. I think your argument would work against any camera designed for more manual control. I appreciate that plenty of people do shoot cameras in full auto but you could equally make your comparison against the canon g1x, g15, ricoh grd, lx7 etc. However, as soon as you let these cameras off the 'auto' leash (as most users of these cameras do...the users I know use them as a compact backup to a dslr) you should potentially be able to get considerably (techinically) better pictures (Not bringing the ability of the photographer in composing the picture into the equation which is a separate debate).

anyways I think i'll bow out of this debate now. I appreciate where you are coming from and you know my opinion so I think we will have to respectfully agree to disagree.

happy shooting!

kind regards


To my eye they are different. I can read the writing on the Earl Grey tea container in the V1 image but not in the Canon 500 image. It is impressive how well the Canon 500 does in these images. however.

To many people this level of difference may not be important.

But if you compared the V1 to the Canon G1X,  the difference would be startling.


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