How good is the D800 ?

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Re: D800 vs D800E ?

Oh yes, I know (have friend in Denmark. Closed market like Albania, taxes like Australia :). There is the difference between the two (800/800E)  but it's certainly not dramatic. I was prompted to remark as I did because one often hears a simplistic view on moire: "D800 - no moire, D800e - plenty of it". Actually, it's a matter of degree: both might produce visible moire, D800 is just somewhat less likely to produce visible effect in borderline cases.

Another thing: I see above a number of D800 users suggesting their on-line production as a demonstration how good the machine it is. In my humble opinion, no screen will demonstrate the difference between D800 (E) and any modern 24x36 mm sensor camera - it takes a well-executed 40x60 cm print to do so...


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