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Re: Pentax's focus is Japan

flektogon wrote:

As those P&S cameras no (reasonable) user is going to use at a higher sensitivity than 1600 ISO, they perform completely identically. At least their sensor/processing is the same. Different lens in each of them can make some overall difference however. The problem with Pentax is not that they came with a mediocre camera, but that they came with it too late and they didn’t bring any new, attractive feature. So, why a potential customer would buy a Pentax? The Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Samsung or Panasonic cameras in this class are not worse. And that’s the difference between Pentax and for example Sony. Regardless whether you like or hate Sony, it is the most innovative company without any doubt. The recent Pentax innovations turned out to be rather failures. Yes, the Pentax fans buy them, but only due to a heavy discount.

I think that's a rather unfair summary of the situation.

All of those companies place bets on new products and new technology, according to their main base of customers. For Pentax, that main base is Japan. Sales in the rest of the world are gravy for them.

The Pentax Q has been very successful in Japan, and I expect the MX-1 will be very successful there too.

No zoom lens of the calibre of that on the MX-1 exists for the Q mount, so I expect Pentax is thinking they can sell the MX-1 to the hordes of Q owners in Japan who want such a lens. A Pentax Q with 01 Standard Prime + 06 Telephoto Zoom + MX-1 makes a pretty nice (and tiny) 2-camera kit, for people who don't care too much about shallow DOF effects.

If you look at it from that perspective, it was almost inevitable that they would release an MX-1-ish camera. It doesn't matter that it's late, if they have customers who will buy it.

Having said that, they obviously don't think EVF or flash accessory ports are that important. I'm sure they have customer data indicating as much.

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