Which uses more battery, saving Raw or JPEG?

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Experiment shows Raw uses more power than JPEG

I decided to answer the question myself by performing a simple experiment.

My Olympus E-M5 was set up so that everything I could turn off was turned off.

I took 200 Raw images and timed how long a previously fully charged battery took to recharge afterwards. = TR

Then I took 200 JPEG images and timed how long the same fully charged battery took to recharge afterwards. = TJ

My full methodology is posted as a reply to this post.

What I found
TR = 25min 30sec
TJ = 24min 05sec

This means that on my E-M5 taking Raw uses more battery energy than JPEG albeit a tiny amount.:-)

Obviously this one off experiment lacks any statistical power and to be certain I should repeat the experiment multiple times.

However I am not going to do that. There are more important users of the battery energy (e.g. zooming and focusing lenses, LCD use) and this Raw v JPEG energy issue is irrelevant in real world photography.

I have satisfied my curiosity on this issue and have moved on to thinking about other stuff such as do holes really exist?

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Regards, Peter 'Keep taking the photos'

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