Should I buy an RX-100 next week?

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Re: Should I buy an RX-100 next week?

Blunty's review is great, thanks for posting it.

He says, 'in the right hands' it can do amazing things. I agree, and, Sony's lousy manual actually makes amateur enthusiasts like me work with the menu more.

I am glad this camera is making me learn new things, and how much I learn from this forum.

Low light no flash, might as well leave my R1 home, but rx100 is amazing.

Flash shots: I was 'set in my ways' with my R1 P mode. It has taken me some time, but last Wed. night I got some rx100 shots at Robin's Nest that were as good as I was getting with my R1 for the first time.

Secret for me was that P mode worked very well with the heavier R1, but not on the rx100 which chose 1/30th too often, actually most of the time.

I switched to S mode, using 1/125 or 1/200, and started getting many more sharp shots. Some think IS doesn't work well at 1/30th. I am not steady enough to be clear about that.

Anyway, the point is, get your new rx100 out of the box, charge your batteries, mess with it a lot, find how you can work with it successfully so your underwater shots are not disappointing.

Post some when you get back,


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