How good is the D800 ?

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Re: How good is the D800 ?

clouseau2 wrote:

Robin Casady wrote:

I've shot film since the 1960's (35mm, medium format, and 4x5). My first serious digital camera was a D100, followed by a D2x, and then a D700. I now have a D800E. I shoot mostly landscape and macro. I have an Epson 7800 printer that prints on 24" (61cm) wide roll paper. I typically make 16x24" (40x61cm) or 20x30" (51x76cm), and sometimes 24x36" (61x91cm) prints.

The D800E is the best camera I have ever owned. Received it in May 2012. Didn't have the problems people are complaining about. Left AF was good, no green tint, etc. AF is slightly off at f/1.4 in tungsten light (2250K), but stopping down to f/2 or f/2.8 takes care of the problem.

Shooting with the D800E reminds me of shooting medium format with a Hasselblad or Pentax 645. The discipline is about the same. I usually use a tripod with Mirror Up, but when hand holding I like to triple (or at least double) the focal length to get the denominator of the shutter speed (1/1000 sec. for 300mm).

I love the resolution of the D800E. It works out to 240 ppi for a 20x30" print which is optimal for the 7800.

Big Sur

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Robin Casady
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Nice post !

I havent shot mf that much , but i miss the solitude , the silence and the patience .

Yes, that's the only way I like to shoot...being mostly a studio and macro guy.

Slow, disciplined, meticulous, well organized and above all very patient. I never (let me repeat that) never press the shutter without using a tripod, geared head, focus rail, etc.

Photography is a technical discipline...combined with an artistic (ie: compositional) element.

and not the other way around.


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