Purple flare: Causes and remedies

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Re: Not a Haze 2A or 1A?

Cani wrote:

Ok. You went up "the opposite direction" and you end up with a picture all purple... All purple means a mix of blue and red and no green, right? Green is in between blue and red.


3 filters... I am not familiar with filters. UV filter is a low band pass-through filter I believe. How do red, blue and green filters work? You need to withdraw green...

Yes, I am trying to limit green and strengthen red and blue, especially blue which in this case is by far the weakest channel (since the light is artificial, halogen bulbs, at roughly 3000 K).

Actually you would need a magenta filter to absorb green. How do you build a magenta filter with 3 filters...

I didn't have to build a magenta filter. Two of the filters were magenta filters: A Tiffen CC30M and a Formatt CC70M (the strongest magenta filter I have been able to find) for a combined effect of CC100M. This filter combination favors red and blue at the expense of green. On top of that I used a Hoya HMC 80A, i.e., the blue filter used in the film days (I think I bought the filter some 35 years ago) when you wanted to shoot color film balanced for daylight with 3200 K photo bulbs. This filter favors blue at the expense of green (to some extent) and red (to a greater extent).

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