Nikon D7100 optical low-pass filter

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Re: Nikon D7100 optical low-pass filter

danielmihai wrote:


A friend of mine test the the new camera ,talk with him about the quality,resolution,high iso,and more and finally i preordered the new Nikon D7100(body only)with a free 35 and 50mm 1.8g lens,i will buy more lenses soon, but i ask you if the removed low-pass filter will increase the sharpness off low quality kit lenses,or will be worst/the same?

Recommand me please a good all-around lens for this camera !

Thank you !


The absence of a low pass filter doesn't make your lenses any sharper, however your images will appear sharper than the identical image taken with the identical lens under identical conditions as a D7100 that still had its OLF.  The difference would also be most visible at wider apertures.

A good all-round lens? There are many:

Nikon 18-105

Nikon 16-85

Tamron 17-50

Sigma 17-50

Nikon 17-55

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