NEX purchase dilemma - no wide aperture standard zoom?

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Hello all Nex users!

My friend is looking for a compact yet good quality mirrorless camera to complement his Canon 7D kit. I recommended the Nex line as I believe it has the best overall performance. But. There is always a but, right?

We were staggered to notice that there is no wide aperture (f2.8) standard zoom lens available. Is it true? Something like 18-50 mm f2.8 - f4 or so. Due to this my friend is leaning towards the Fuji X-E1.

I have no experience with any mirrorless systems so I only go by with what I have read here on Dpreview. Any help is greatly appreciated.



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Yes, for now, Fuji or m4/3 are the only ones with large aperture zooms. m4/3 has an f/2.8 zoom (which is like f/3.5 on APS-C) and Fuji has the 18-55mm f/2.8-4.

Remember, f/2.8 zoom lenses are sort of against the design style of the mirrorless cameras (compact, and light). If you really want an f/2.8 zoom you might as well use an SLR.

And that should be a food for though for camera manufacturers.

There are good but heavy DSLRs, there are small but very limited mirrorless, and nothing in between. The first category serves serious shooters, who are willing to put up with weight, the second mostly suits amateurs coming from P&S. Since the market doens't like void, I believe there will be cameras introduced in between those two categories, smaller than DSLRs, larger than current mirrorless with better handling, better lenses. Good quality zooms will never be very small, so the current NEX form factor won't work well in that market. I think Sony should standardize A-mount both for DSLRs and advanced mirrorless cameras, and make a mirrorless camera a little bit bigger than NEX-7 for convenince but smaller than DSLRs. It doens't have to be heavy for that. Bigger mount will also make room for in-body stabilization. There isn't really any advantage of E-mount unless one wants really small pancake, but that's not an advanced enthusiast camera market.

I would assume that anybody even remotely interested in NEX, much less owning one or more of them, bought one for its form fact. It works for me better than a DSLR would. That takes me to your next point on DSLRs being for serious photographers while NEX isn’t for them. Plenty of us have both. It doesn’t make us unserious photographers when we use NEX. I would argue that Sony may have been surprised to see expanded appeal for NEX.

Your whole argument revolves around an idea that since NEX cannot be used with its native mount for super fast AF due to CDAF that it cannot be taken seriously. That is a poor assumption to make. NEX form and function is superb, with smaller lenses and adaptability with old lenses to enjoy photography. If you start missing shooting sports, you have two options assuming only one camera body:

-Replace NEX with a DSLT or DSLR. But you lose the NEX form, function and adaptability.

-Add a tool to NEX (LA-EA2) and you can go shoot sports. You add a personality to NEX.

I would go with the second. What problem do you see with it?

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