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check this out - this is information from the CBO on the 2013 budget cuts

"Why Does CBO Expect the Sequestration to Reduce Outlays by Just $42 Billion in Fiscal Year 2013 Even Though the Automatic Budget Cuts Total $85 Billion This Year?

The $85 billion represents the reduction in budgetary resources available to government agencies this year as a result of the sequestration. But not all of that money would have been spent in this fiscal year in the absence of the sequestration: Some would have been used to enter into contracts to buy goods or services to be provided and paid for next year or in subsequent years. Acquiring major weapons systems and completing large construction projects, for example, can take several years. The $42 billion figure is CBO’s estimate of the reduction in cash disbursements in fiscal year 2013; much of the remaining outlay reductions from the 2013 sequestration will occur in fiscal year 2014, though some will occur later."


so actually the automatic cuts are much smaller than the additional $125 billion in revenue they are getting from the 2% payroll tax increase

Interesting... and surprising to me.

we might as well bend over and take it though, because you and I both know they are going to intentionally cut the most painful things they can cut just to scare the heck out of Americans so that they can get their money back

I agree, but, I also believe a lot of the threats are just posturing (scare tactics) to get the public to pressure Congress. Congress seems to see right through it though.

I certainly HOPE it's all just posturing. The more I think about it, the more I see him using the American people like that.

I just can't believe they are publicly saying things like "an abused woman can't leave her abuser because she won't have anywhere to to, and it's the GOP's fault"

It's people like that that should appear in one of these accidental shooting stories.

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