Olympus E-7 follow up, time to market and other choices

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Keeping the replies and the thoughts where the other thread left, here's some context:

Many seem to see now some of the issues that a minority like me brought up when the E-5 was released- that it was pretty much a bit much for some key aspects where it had some outdated technologies. Please understand this does not equate to "you can't take good photos with it" but that basically you end up paying same or more than other options in the market that seemed to do better as a photographic tool, as a canvas of light if you will.

A lot of people have jumped by now, and Olympus visible lack of 4/3rd product and m4/3rd focus certainly did not inspire confidence in many of those for coming back.

My opinion is: much Pro's did leave 4/3 or go m43 (!).

Err pros going m4/3 ? I think not. The pros left to go to a totally different system.The proper pros shooting 4/3 are still around they just don't get involved on this site with the fish pate , fish paste that goes on here. I don't care how good the OMD is the m4/3 lenses except for a few newer primes are substandard.

Have a look here there are still pro shooting 4/3 they also however shoot other systems as well mainly Nikon or Canon.


So the amateurs stay at 4/3, those who want a OVF, or simply have 4/3 lenses ( including some Pro's ).

I thought you said the Pros's left. Also you are either a pro or a amateur 99% of this site are amateurs.

I cannot imagine a pro who does not have 4/3, going 4/3, because m43 has 2 manufacturers and is a much more secure decision, and m43 has a Pro camera: The Gh3. And m43 is market leader in mirrorless.

M4/3 has no pro cameras. And lots of primes do not = PRO.

As to leaders Fiat is a leader in 500cc motor car business.

Mirror less and smaller DSLR cameras were a problem looking for a solution for a specific type of photographer. Street shooters , strollers and snappers and those that where feeling the stress of carrying 2 pounds of camera (Often the older generation) . That hole is being filled and the camp is going to be divided into 3 camps.

It does not mean that because it is smaller that it is a better/good system. I think it is a compromise. Yes good for the light weight shooters and dear I say it amateurs ' I can carry a extra lens in my pocket and stroll for hours ' and a specific pro or 2 that is using it as secondary personal snapper . Some users are sometimes those that hark back to the old days.

( My dad always said old cars where rubbish , they rusted , need a ring and valve job at 50,000 miles and something was always about to fall off, and the steering and handling where terrible , and they sometimes did not start in the morning . )

Oly should exchange the status of m43 and 4/3: Make affordable but reliable products for 4/3 for a long time ( simply by putting m43 tech in 4/3 bodies ) and make a Pro/Semipro product line in pure m43.

Now under this view maybe a E-550 or E-50 would be better than a E-7, but ok a E-7 is better than no more 4/3 camera.


I don't see at this point Olympus cash efforts should be spent re-viving 4/3rds.

I think it does cost Oly not much money to put a OMD or E-PL5 ( even more dxomark points than OMD !! ) sensor+processor in an E-520, E30 or E-5. That in mind I cannot understand why Oly delays the next 4/3 camera announcement - usually announcements are delayed to sell the older cameras but thats just pointless in 4/3, it will hurt the 4/3 product line each day nothing is announced.

But then Oly should be honest and say: 4/3 will continue without 4/3-specific investments.

Nikon releasing the D7100 and the rumored 7D MKII have thrown the cat amongst the pigeons. it shows there is a market still there for cropped sensors and it not mirror-less and FF. Very interesting the 1/3 crop an a APS-C sensor )

Here in South Africa and a lot of other countries mirror less is like the proverbial virgin much bespoken but seldom seen.

Ok, the future may be an E-7 with some more improvements what's also not bad - if thats "ready to go into final production and all specs are defined " as rumors say, then Oly should announce this.

Those that are left here and have not fled to m4/3 have are still here as they probably don't like m4/3 for what ever reason. Its unlikely they will eventually move if nothing happens this year from  Olympus  on a 4/3 intention. They like myself will move to another system and that will not be 4/3 based.  Olympus must Either do a No.1 or get off the pot as regards 4/3.

A true honest business person will say to there client "Sorry but we are not supplying that product any more " and not keep them hanging on . " This is what we have to offer." . I have had to do it before and still have those clients that use us for other things and did not boot my bum out the door. Actually with if I equate the silence from Olympus they ( My clients) would have kicked by bum out the door. Olympus are stretching the limits of customer loyalty as regards 4/3. For my type of photography I should probably not have got into Olympus , but 4/3 is usable with its limitations for what I do. m4/3 it not usable. I keep on hearing these things will come to m/43 (So will the second coming and the 100mm Macro.) , but we nearly had it all ( 4/3) and are now being black balled. So for me they are going backwards. (They have lost a pony in the dog and pony show)

That said I will still probably be around for awhile as I am to financially challenged to swap systems. I like my 4/3 equipment but If I won the lotto Olympus at this stage might not see me for dust.

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