Please recommend a powered HDMI splitter with remote control

Started Feb 25, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Please recommend a powered HDMI splitter with remote control

gs85739az wrote:

What is a receiver "with 5-7 HDMI inputs on the back"? A TV, I already have a TV..Panasonic Viera with "only" two HDMI inputs on the back,naturally if this TV needs replacing, I'll certainly get a TV with as many HDMI and other inputs as possible, this TV is 5 years old and was considered a good machine when bought, it's picture is really great in HD, but Plasmas seem to have somewhat of a short lag when changing channels, other than that, it's really nice 42".

btw, the Monoprice powered 4X2 with remote arrive overnight delivery for less than Amazon Prime!

easily installed and works PERFECT, thanks for DPR poster, they make things better...:-)

An A/V receiver (think stereo). Lifehacker recently had a roundup of good ones (see the link below, I realize true audiophiles will disagree with that assessment). The switcher works well for what it is, but its another remote that has to be added to your collection. A good receiver makes it easier to integrate all your various media components (TV, DVD, Roku) as well as allowing you to hook up a good speaker system.

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