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PAUL TILL wrote:

The HS50 appears to be a disaster, no wonder it went straight out to a shop like Argos with no samples from Fuji before its release. The X20? No better than the X10 and has worse DR which for me is one of the main reasons for buying a Fuji.

What next?

Is it something to do with the weather, cabin fever, or just general shittiness about winter that's got you northern boys in such a huff over the HS50.

Am I missing something? because as far as I know there is only a couple of early adopters here of the HS50, and even they haven't had sufficient time to get a handle on the new camera. Everyone seems to be discussing images that are pretty cruddy at best. I wonder what the commentary will be in a couple of months time, when there is actually some decent test results showing up from HS50 owners, rather than relying on second grade reviews at best.

And lets not forget what a disaster the XS1 was. There are a couple of pundits here who champion the XS1, but we don't see a plethora of photos from any other users. I wonder why that is, oh yes that's right, they all sent their cameras back and replaced them with another model.

And then there's the X10, we all know what a cock-up that was, even worse than the XS1, talk about ORBS!! Two top line cameras ( supposedly) that were complete disasters at launch.

Lets not forget the HS30, a proven performer, not perhaps a giant killer in the IQ and AF stakes, but a handy snappa none the less, Oh and the HS20 for that matter, another reliable workhorse that takes a pretty good image when you take the time to learn how to use a camera.

We don't see any lens droop here, or blooming sensors, or soft lenses, just cameras that work.

Funny how "Toy Zooms " consistently work while their - "Thoroughbred" stable mates snap a leg and have to be put down.

Flickr camera info doesn't even rate the XS1 or the HS30 in its useage profiles. It looks like the HS20 was far more popular and users thought exactly what I did. Why change for a slight upgrade. By comparison the "faulty" X10 and X100 both do much better. Interestingly two of the cameras I own are in the Top 10, HS20 & S5700 (and little Fuji camera that I still use.)

Flickr camera useage page

No doubt other sites will have differing data sets, but as I use Flickr that's what I'm using as a measure.

If the HS50 can deliver on the AF speed and write times with improved IQ then it will be worthwhile trying one out.

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