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I´m a big fan of dpreview since its creation but lately previews last forever. I´m still waiting for the GH3 review that now appears to be forgotten . Is this going to change soon?

I was just going to write the same thing myself when I saw your comment already here.

...I was going to ask if DpReview had an issue/Problem with Panasonic?

Lets face it, they had a first look at the Panasonic GH3 camera 4 months ago. ...and its probably one of the most significant new cameras to be released for the last 2 years.

I was wondering if they found a major fault with it and don't want to give it bad publicity - and hence upset any advertisers?

Whatever the reason, as a VERY long standing fan of DpReview, I must admit I am getting more and more despondant with the site. I used to visit daily, but that has now reduced to weekly. I do hope they get back on track soon. DpReview's of cameras were definately the best without doubt.

Please finish the GH3 review soon - hopefully before the next model comes out

We may have had a pre-production GH3 to write a preview with, three months ago, but a production one only got to our office at the start of this month.

It's currently in the studio and will then be passed to a reviewer. However, it takes quite some time to complete a full review.

It's an important camera to us and we will be reviewing it. However, if a camera arrives when all our reviewers are busy writing other reviews, we can't start on it, so that and the delay in us getting one, has meant it's running later than we hoped.

Richard - dpreview.com

This is probably illustrative of what causes confusion in the minds of your readers.   GH3 I believe was hitting the shelves back in early January;  Amazon (your parent company) offers 2-day delivery.   XE1 I believe hit the store shelves after the GH3.

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