Olympus E-7 follow up, time to market and other choices

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Understood, ty,

Craig from Nevada wrote:

pris wrote:

Craig from Nevada wrote:

rovingtim wrote:

I really don't think there will be an E7. ...

I am having trouble seeing why Olympus would produce an E-7 ...

Are you two saying you 1) don't think E-5 successor is coming at all, or you 2) don't think it's coming in a form of pure DSLR?

I am saying that I don't know. I guess there have been more rumors of late, but the fact is I have no idea why Olympus would produce such a camera in this market.

...although I'd have to note here that it has been more than rumors - it was direct statement by Olympus high level executives, repeated a few times that indeed, E-5 successor IS coming before the end of 2013. As for "why," well, it has been discussed to nauseating extent.

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