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viking79 wrote:

wildkat2 wrote:

I hope to god Pentax never builds an EVF camera. Bottom line is they suck. I would rather shoot off the LCD all day than use an EVF.

They do not, and it gives added flexibility.

Cant disagree more.  I get seasick from the disconnect between what my dominate eye sees in the EVF and the "real world" one does.  Maybe not everyone keeps their other eye open.

All the outcry over the lack of view finder boils down to old vs young. The under 30 crowd grew up shooting pictures at arms length and they have no issue with doing it now.

Okay, then give me an articulating screen. Trust me, I have a Pentax Q, it sucks because the screen has no anti-reflective coating, and I don't think the K-01 has any either. I can't hardly compose in moderately bright indirect light even with the screen at the brightest setting because it is covered with reflections.

I also have a Samsung NX20, it has articulated screen, viewfinder, and anti-reflective coating on the screen. I use the rear display folded flat probably 50% of the time, articulated 40% of the time, and the viewfinder 10% of the time. I like the flexibility.


Violent agreement here.  I am not a fan of articulated screens because they sacrifice size and weather resistance.  Well if you are going to make it big and not weather proof it you might as well make the screen move.  If they cant do that they need to go with the gapless screen.  Better - gapless screen that is articulated.

You are absolutely right that the K-01 screen suffers in daylight.  My solution is to move back to Northern California/SF/Monterey where it is cloudy most of the year

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