NX lens cashback offer on Amazon.co.uk (24.01.13-30.03.13)

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Re: NX lens cashback offer on Amazon.co.uk (24.01.13-30.03.13)

Wightman wrote:

sideburns wrote:

Hi guys,

I've just spotted this offer on amazon.co.uk:

Purchase a qualifying Samsung lens from the selection below between January 24, 2013 and March 30, 2013 and receive either £50, £100 or £200 from Samsung.

£50 cashback: 30mm F2.0, 20mm F2.8, 16mm F2.4, 12-24mm F4-5.6.

£100 cashback: 60mm 2.8, 18-200mm 3.5-6.3

£200 cashback: 85mm 1.4

Hope some of you can use this information!

I find the 18-200mm very tempting, for £432 it's a bargain...

The 85mm for 654 - 200 = 454 UKP - that's only $690! The typical price in the US is over $900. Quite a bargain, especially considering there is 20% VAT included in that price. Amazon wouldn't charge the VAT on an export order, but I suspect the cash back wouldn't be honored outside the UK. I wonder why the cashback offer is only for the UK...

Another Caveat!

"Please note: This offer applies to the Qualifying Items listed below purchased from Amazon.co.uk and does not apply to used products. Offer applies to authorised Samsung dealers and may not apply to third party sellers on Amazon.co.uk’s Marketplace platform. Please check with the third party seller for more information."

I wonder why only UK too.  Taking off the VAT and we are talking only about $550!

This is worth a bit more investigation; currently, $899 at B&H...

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