US DOJ priorities -- right or wrong?

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Re: You certainly fooled me

Chato wrote:

Walking Dead wrote:

Chato wrote:

I just read your first two posts on this thread again. You seem to be saying that the DOJ is perfoming adaquitely. That if HSBC does this again, they might get a stiffer fine.

Wow! A stiffer fine! Man that will show them who's the boss.

Of course those who run HSBC wont be paying that fine...

Where did I say that the "DOJ is perfoming (errata) adaquitely (errata)"?

In your first two posts...

Apparently you can't read, or you like to make up stuff.

If someone punches someone else, the penalty could be jail time, a fine, or both. The first time, the defendant might be fined, say a $100. But, if they do it again, the fine could go up to $250, a third time might draw jail time.

In this case, you're proposing that if someone murders someone, they should get a fine, and if they do it again, an even stiffer fine, and if they continue killing people, who knows? Maybe they might go to jail.

Helping Al Qaeda kill Americans (and that's what money laundering for them means) deserves a fine, and perhaps a stiffer fine in the future.You think if they make a habit of this, things might get worse?

Praise God for such reasoning, which unfortunately is news to those in jail for doing the same as individuals, but who simply aren't powerful enough to get their punishment in "fines."

Since it was a corporation that broke the law, how do you put a corporation into a prison?

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