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I hope to god Pentax never builds an EVF camera.  Bottom line is they suck.  I would rather shoot off the LCD all day than use an EVF.

All the outcry over the lack of view finder boils down to old vs young.  The under 30 crowd grew up shooting pictures at arms length and they have no issue with doing it now.  Its just us old farts who insist on having something up to our eye.  I cant count the number of times I have handed my K200D to a younger person and they had no idea how to frame a picture.  The few times I have handed my K-5 to someone under 30 I turned on Live View and they knew what to do immediately.  Ive even gotten "oh nice grid to help with rule of 3rds" so they were not photography idiots.

I have yet to have an issue with buttons on my K-01 and all the crap about the flash being in a bad place was just that - crap.  And the issue with the memory card flap?  Fixed it with an EyeFi card.  Only time I have taken the card out was to update firmware.  That firmware fixed a large percentage of the AF issues too.

I dont know why the photo press in general and DPR in particular hates Pentax so much but it is not unique to recent reviews.  I ALMOST bought a Nikon D60 instead of a K200 partially based on the DPR reviews.  But when I read carefully I realized that things that were listed as faults on the K200 were left off or described as features of the D60 while at the same time the obvious crippling of the D60 was glossed over.  And as the recent discussion of OMD vs K-5 revealed, DPR is artificially propping up the ISO ratings of the OMD.  Given Oly is dead broke there is no way they are making payoffs so I dont get it.  I really dont get why NO ONE is talking about the elephant in the room dealing with Sony.  If you read the finical reports filed by Sony they strongly indicate they may be leaving the DSLR market - effectively stranding Alpha owners.  I have yet to see any reporting in the photo press about this.

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