Too much agonizing over little things

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Re: Not spray and pray

chlamchowder wrote:

you guys are taking it too literally. it's not about going backwards. just slowing some people down, like using those polaroids. you had to stop, wait, wait, wait, finally, and think...what could be better about this shot/set-up.

it's become spray, pixel-peep, spray some more, pixel-peep, post on-line and whine.

I look at it differently.

It's become get the shots and don't miss moments that should be captured, stay alert and look for photo opportunities, and then check your technique (but do that quickly or you'll miss something!). The end result is more pictures to choose from, guaranteeing better results when you compile a small subset of those pictures to turn in (like 20 out of 400). That's far, far better than carefully taking 20 shots, hoping they're good, not trying to get any more, and just turning those 20 in. If you start shooting sports, it quickly becomes very clear that nailing the perfect moment with every shutter press is pretty much impossible. That's why we have digital.

I see that for slower things like landscapes and portraits, digital might not have as big of an advantage, but the advantage of being able to test and retry without worry is still very valuable. Experimentation and success/failure from experimentation is key to improvement, and digital lets us do that faster.

Agree, with sports there is no time to call time out/red light while I compose the perfect shot. You track/trap and it happens.

For some "faster" is not in their best interest, it just compounds the problem of bad leading to more bad photos. Well maybe to judgmental of scrapbook photos.

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